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If you use the same components on a routine basis in the assembly an end product, we can organize those inventory requirements into a kit and deliver just in time for assembly. This helps your company reduce inventory, improve productivity and control procurement cost.

Storeroom Management
Let us help improve your inventory position and reduce the time it takes to manage that inventory, so you can spend more time focusing on your customer needs.

Supply Chain Management
If expediting material consumes too much of your time, we can help reduce or maybe eliminate searching for the same pieces and parts by streamlining your procurement process. Let us manage the suppliers, so you donít have to.

Vendor Managed Inventory
We can monitor your sales and inventory levels for reordering based on demand and lead time. This way you will keep inventory that you need and reduce obsolete inventory. We will also work with your team to reduce and measure your total cost of ownership.

Imagine your inventory neatly placed on shelves where everything has a place and itís easy to find when you need it. We can help. Each item we supply can be identified by a unique barcode for easy identification and rapid scan inventory.

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